Bradford South Circuit

We are very happy to announce that Messy Church is up and running in our circuit as part of our mission to invite young people and families to worship.

Messy Lent took place on 22nd February at Cornerstone and was very busy with almost 60 people there altogether.

Deacon Irene talked to us all about Lent being a journey and time to get ready for Easter. We had a mixture of crafts and games including cross-shaped bottles for people to put different coloured sand into, scratch art crosses where you scratch off the black top layer to show the rainbow-coloured underneath to make whatever pattern you want, invites to the next Messy Church, a big collage and a music and dance activity. We also had a quiet space for anyone who wanted it and some big games, including Giant Jenga and Giant Noughts & Crosses for people to play. Worship was led by CYG (Circuit Youth Group) including a very active song which everyone seemed to enjoy singing. We finished with a meal of cheese and potato pie and baked beans which was provided by people from around the Circuit.

This is what CYG have to say about helping with Messy Church:
“ I liked the sand stuff it was fun but if we had more bottles more people would have done it and enjoyed it.”
“I enjoy messy church because it is messy.”
“I enjoyed the worship and the sand stuff. I really enjoy messy church and helping children to enjoy church in a fun way.”
“I like messy church because it's where people can join together and do activities, sings songs and just have fun!”
“I liked the activities and the song that we sung as a group.”
“The food was delicious as always so thanks, but can we have the left overs?”

Messy Easter was held at Aldersgate on 22nd March. There were various activities including Easter baskets and cards, making crosses from Hama beads, decorating crosses, and covering a picture of the world with paint, which Revd Lyn then used in worship to show us how Jesus died on the cross to make things better for us and make the world a better place. We finished worship with an action song led by CYG.

The meal this time, very ably cooked by the team at Aldersgate, was jacket potato with cheese and beans...and included an emergency trip to the supermarket for more supplies!

This was our busiest Messy Church yet with 75 people attending over all.

Events run very well thanks to the volunteers who help with the preparation. Meeting to plan the events, opening the buildings, putting the heating on, setting up tables, helping with the activities, preparing the meals, washing up  and cleaning the building afterwards are some examples of what various people around the circuit have done to make Messy Church a success.  

We are still looking for more volunteers; if you feel led to help in any way please do get in touch. We are very grateful to all those that have taken the time to help and we ask the circuit as a whole to continue praying for us. If you are on Face book you can also support by liking the circuit Messy Church page: Bradford South Messy Church

Deacon Irene Tafirenyika