Bradford South Circuit

A day in the life of, Wibsey Methodist Pre-school…

Pre-school’s busy day starts for me at 5:30 am, I get up and try to do my home jobs before setting off for work at 7:30. A quick stop at Jean’s to drop Ruby off and away I go!

Once at work Myself, Jo, Vicky & Ryan set up both rooms and the garden (even though we have bad backs and shouldn’t be lifting) The play rooms are planned around what we have observed the children doing & what their favourite things to do are. Learning is individual for each child, their development is monitored and evaluated regularly.

The day goes by in a whirl of observations, external meetings, nappy changing, team meetings, training and administration with a bit of dragon slaying or mini beast hunting thrown in for good measure.

Taking children out of the equation, the most important thing we do at pre-school is our family support service and parental relationships, we are so proud at pre-school of this additional service we offer our families, some of which are facing major personal issues. Jo supports several children in the setting who have additional needs of varying severity. She liaises with professionals, medical personnel & schools, to help the children and families get the best support we can offer.

Our latest Quips (Quality Improvement prioritisation & support framework) inspection has rated us as outstanding and as such I have been asked to mentor other schools or providers who need a little support. Pre-school still awaits its Ofsted inspection…we wait with both jangling nerves and a little excitement.

Lastly at the end of the day we put everything away, plan for tomorrow and eventually go home…Phew!
I love my job at pre-school, I am proud of everything we stand for, its hard work and much of it has to be done in our own time. We have built a good strong, reputation and our children deserve and get the best start we can provide. After all – today’s children are tomorrows adults and our future.

Michele Arundel
Pre-school Manager